Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer Review

Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer ReviewThere is no better way to provide fun and comfort to your loved one, but to buy a cradling bouncer. Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer is a product that has won the trust of many parents due to several features it provides to their baby. This review would analyze the features provided by this bouncer, so that you can determine its effectiveness in providing comfort to your loved one.

Ultimate Comfort

The plush fabric and its soft feel gives you baby the comfort that you can only imagine. The design of this bouncer hugs your baby completely, thus making them feel secure and happy. Due to the head rest and adjustable recline positions, you further enhance the comfort your baby would get. The bolster system makes sure that the comfort experience provided by this bouncer is sustained for long hours. Due to the oversized seat your baby gets enough space to play while enjoying the comforts of this bouncer.

Vibrations and Melodies

Your baby gets the option of enjoying the fun bouncing motion provided by this cradling bouncer. While doing that it can also play soothing melodies to help your baby go to sleep. There are 7 melodies or calming vibrations from which you can choose the ones most loved by your baby.

Removable Toy Bar

Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer  The toy bar on this bouncer is removable and you can easily hang toys that will divert the attention of your baby when you want them to. They would encourage your baby to grab them, reach for them, and play with them. You can easily remove this toy bar, when you want to.

Safety and Easy Maintenance

Due to the 3-point harness your baby is always safe in the seat. Additionally the feature of non-slip feet you baby can easily bounce and play, and the chair will never shift. Therefore, your baby is fully secured. The head rest, seat pad, and bolster system are easily removable and machine-washable, thus making it easy to maintain this bouncer.

Who Would You Buy Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer

Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer ReviewComfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer is for the parents who are looking for a product that gives their baby a place to have fun with complete safety and comfort. You can easily leave your loved one snugged in the comfort of this bouncer. Your baby would have fun and you can relax that your baby is secured.

Value For Money

There are many unique features in Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer that makes it the most popular baby swings in its category. Its affordable price and high quality material makes it the best value for money cradling bouncer you can purchase.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Monkey Bouncer Review

Fisher-Price Deluxe Monkey Bouncer ReviewCertainly, you can’t keep holding your little one in your arms. You’ll get tired and it will prevent you from carrying out your daily duties. It is for this reason that a baby bouncer such as Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer comes in to free your hands and provide your little one with a comfortable and safe place for him to play. It also comes with myriads of options to sooth and stimulate him. These options are standard in almost every bouncer, and they include vibration capabilities, sound, light and bouncers. Instead of feeling bored, they’ll play and even fall asleep.

But some baby bouncers are versatile in terms of their capabilities. They can be used as a swing as well as a walker, which saves you money and space in the long run. Even though there are various types of baby bouncers in the market today, we choose to focus on the best one – Fisher-Price deluxe.

Here’s how it’s different from the others:

Whereas Fisher-Price deluxe bouncer is soft and cuddly to cushion and support your baby’s head and body just like other bouncers, it goes a notch higher to ensure that it provides your baby with a vast array of options for them to enjoy. The soothing options include 8 songs, calming and vibrating as well as nature sounds. Being one of the top rated, it’s very popular among urban parents. As a matter of fact, most parents believe that it’s a must have item.

Features of Fisher-Price Deluxe  Monkey Bouncer:

Baby can activate lights and sounds

Fisher-Price Deluxe Monkey Bouncer ReviewIt’s a fact that babies love attention. If that attention is not present when they need it, they start to cry. However, with this product, it’s a little bit different. Your baby will activate the lights and sounds on his own and keep himself busy as you wash the dishes.

His smiling monkey friend will embrace him in snuggly soft fabric

He will love his new friend who embraces him as he sits on a deep cozy cocoon bouncer. In addition to that, this product comes with a head support contour to hold his head comfortably. His buddies hang overhead while 8 songs play. The calming vibration effect adds to the soothing environment.

Light in weight and easy to use

Fisher-Price Deluxe Monkey Bouncer The Fisher-Price deluxe bouncer is not bulky. In fact you can even lift it up with a single arm while preparing to put your baby inside. It’s very easy to use, you won’t need 101 instructions to set it up.

Two ladybag toys, a rattle and jingle bell to keep him entertained

While he rests on this comfortable work of art, he develops useful skills. The overhead toys captivate him and help strengthen his visual skills. Rattle and jingle bells help strengthen his auditory skills. Generally, the Fisher-Price deluxe gives him a sense of security, just like when he is in your arms.

Who Needs To Purchase This Product?

The Fisher-Price deluxe baby bouncer is for every parent who has a young child that hasn’t attained the age of walking. No doubt, parents are buying this product. Not only is it among the most affordable baby bouncers, but it has lots of features that are beneficial to your young one. Definitely, you must buy this product if you fall under this category.

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleeper Review

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'N Play SleeperA newborn baby sleeps for nearly 16 hours a day and their sleep stretches for 3 to 4 hours at a time. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleeper is a product that is first choice of many parents when they are deciding of buying the best sleeper for their newborn. This review will look thoroughly into the details of this product, so that you can decide whether it’s the best sleeper for newborn or not.

Important Features

1. Comfort

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'N Play SleeperThe most prominent feature is the comfort that this sleeper offers to the baby. Due to the extra deep design of this sleeper your baby gets the needed comfort. There are structured inserts in this sleeper that surround the baby and enhances their security. Due to the inclined shape of the seat, napping is more comfortable as the head of baby is in an elevated position. It’s very easy to rock this sleeper, while baby is inside and this allows baby to play, nap and soothe, being in this sleeper.

2. Portability

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'N Play SleeperIt’s very easy to carry this sleeper due to its lightweight, compact size, and push button fold function. Due to these features it’s easy to fold this sleeper, which makes it easier to store in confined places. Therefore, it doesn’t take much space in your house if you are not using it for your baby. Due to this it is really easy to carry this sleeper to various places without any problem and shifting it from one room to other takes only few minutes.

3. Convenience

There are storage pockets that are attached to this sleeper that offer you extra space for storing goods, which you might need immediately, when taking care of your baby. This is a great convenience for mothers, as they don’t need to search for things every time.

4. Easy to Maintain

This sleeper is easily removable, which allows you to wash several times without any effort. Material used for the making of this sleeper is machine-washable, which makes it easier to clean this sleeper.

Who Would Buy This Sleeper

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'N Play SleeperThis Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleeper is perfect for people searching for a comfortable, secure, and easy to maintain, sleeper for their newborn child. Babies can’t communicate their problems with you, thus it’s important that you should choose the products that offer them what they need. This sleeper is the best sleeper you can offer to your baby for comfortable and safe sleeping.

Value for Money

This Fisher-Price sleeper has many features that makes it the most preferred choice among many parents looking to buy rock and play sleeper. Due to the comfort and security it provides to the babies, and its portability, easy to store and wash feature, this sleeper is a great value for money buy.

Buy Fisher-Price Tree Party Cozy Cocoon Bouncer For Cheap

Fisher-Price Tree Party Cozy Cocoon BouncerNothing would make your little one happier than the gift of a Cozy Cocoon baby bouncer. I believe nothing matters more than your baby’s comfort. The Fisher-Price Tree Party Cozy Cocoon Bouncer is actually a perfect solution for stay at home mums. You can comfortably perform other chores while it keeps your baby happy and entertained.

Why The Fisher-Price Bouncer?

Has a deep cozy seat

This cozy cocoon is very ideal for a new born due to its warm and soothing comfort. Remember a new born is very delicate hence the softness of the cocoon well suits its intended function. This cozy seat cocoons your baby in the required soft and smooth protection.

Detachable toy bar

This is amazing and any parent or baby sitter understands how much babies love and enjoy movements. The detachable toy bar makes it possible for your baby to move. This soothing movement is very ideal in calming your little one and even sending them off to sleep. This toy bar includes a dangling bird, an owl and a squirrel. Besides having a detachable toy bar, its parts are quite easy to assemble and re-assemble.

Fitted with a musical owl

Fisher-Price Tree Party Cozy Cocoon BouncerOur young ones love songs since at that stage their ears are very sharp. They love any sweet sound producing item. The owl produces short simple songs that catches your baby’s attention. If you love owls and would like your bay to take after you, then the design is for you. All your baby needs to do is pull the owl bar and great musical tones will emanate from it.

Features calming vibrations

This bouncer has calming vibrations that sooth your baby. You are probably imagining the vibrations would scare off your little. No need to worry as they are light enough just to enchant the infant.

Has a support strap

This is very necessary since babies need support as they continue growing. These additional feature guarantees your baby’s security even when you are not watching over them.

Who Should Buy This Cozy Cocoon Baby Bouncer?

Fisher-Price Tree Party Cozy Cocoon BouncerThe Fisher-Price Tree Party Cozy Cocoon Bouncer is suitable for a child right from birth. This means that once you have a baby or is expecting one, then you should seriously give it a thought. Therefore expectant mothers and parents with young children must own the Fisher-Price baby bouncer.

Does The Bouncer Really Give You Value For Your Money?

It surely does. First and foremost it’s very affordable and the cost can be met by almost every one. In addition it saves you time and we all understand that time is money. All that time you would have taken entertaining and singing to your child can be diverted to something better. In addition it’s long lasting and of good quality.


If you are thinking of buying your friend or relative a baby shower gift, then think the Fisher-Price Tree Party Cozy Cocoon Bouncer. It is really a great bouncer that would engraved in their memories for as long as it takes.

Cheap Price on Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Swing ‘n Seat

Fisher-Price Discover 'n Grow Swing 'n SeatDo you have a child aged below five years? Do you feel burdened by having to carry the child around even when you are tired and out on a picnic? There is no need to worry anymore. This is because there is a magnificent product: Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Swing ‘n Seat, that is custom designed to help you have easy moments. It is a great space-saver swing that has gained universal acceptance with millions of parents giving it a priority. It has very attractive features that make it a must-have for any loving parent.

Easy To Carry Around

The item is designed in a manner that makes it easy to carry around, especially when moving in a place where the terrain is not conducive. This aspect makes it easy to load into a car since it tends to occupy little space. It has a got a very comfortable handle, therefore the child is guaranteed of a safe grip.

Promotes Proper Hygiene

Fisher-Price Discover 'n Grow Swing 'n SeatThe cleanliness of the product has been enhanced by the installation of easy to wash parts that can as well be cleaned by use of machines. This ensures that the baby is always protected from disease-causing germs. It has a comfortable fabric that ensures maximum comfort.

Power Driven

It makes the work of the parents easier since it is not exhaustive in terms of man power. This is because it driven by powerful batteries that can last almost twenty hours. The batteries are easily available in major retail outlets and therefore you do not be worried.

All Inclusive

Fisher-Price Discover 'n Grow Swing 'n SeatWhen it comes to gender, the Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Swing ‘n Seat is designed to satisfy in equal measure the needs of all children. This implies that you do not need to purchase another product when blessed with a baby of the opposite gender.

The product, Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Swing ‘n Seat, ensures that your baby is entertained through out. This is because it comes with an inbuilt sound system that provides a soothing an environment in addition to the gentle vibrations.

It is available at pocket friendly prices and ensures that users get real value for their money. There is no reason as to why you should not make your child experience the comfort that comes with this Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Swing ‘n Seat. It can be ordered online, such as Amazon and deliveries will be made without delays.

BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance Air Review

BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance AirIt’s funny how such a simple design can bring so much joy to your little one. All you have to do is slip your baby into the sitter and voila, long-lasting self-entertainment, not to forget the amazing effects on your baby’s balance and motor skills. There are several bouncers in the market, but the BABYBJORN Babysitter Balance Air, with its unobtrusive design has won the hearts of little ones whose joyous babbling would have been here, if only we could decipher them!


This no-battery sitter has three positions available through easy adjustments are: Play, Rest and Sleep. The molded seat with its ergonomic design will caress your child just like you do but with an additional bounce and guaranteed comfort. This design will distribute the child’s weight evenly and move the rocker with the baby’s own movements, saving you any hassle of being involved, yet ensuring your baby gets what it needs. Additional anti-skid pads keep the sitter firmly in its intended place.

The BABYBJORN Babysitter Balance Air is made with a mesh fabric that is breathable and provides your little one with a rocking experience that is airy and puts the baby to ease by wicking away moisture. It is simple to maintain as you can machine-wash it and is quick to dry.


After a fun and relaxing rocking experience, your baby might fall asleep and the motion will stop turning the rocker into a sitter. Soon your baby will not require the rocking motion to fall asleep. And once you remove the restraint, you can turn the BABYBJORN Babysitter Balance Air into a rocking chair for when your child is older. This multipurpose must-have can also be folded for transport anywhere you go or even if you want to store away until its next use.

Baby Growth

In due time of using the BABYBJORN Babysitter Balance Air, the rocking motion will enhance your baby’s motor skills as will its sense of balance.

Who Would Buy This?

BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance AirThe BABYBJORN Babysitter Balance Air was designed with the help of pediatricians and is suitable for children aged between 0-24 months or up 13 kilos or 28.6 pounds. If not for your own child, this sitter makes an excellent gift!

Value For Money

The value for a sitter that can entertain, soothe, enhance growth and develop a child’s balance is priceless. It not only helps the child, but also the parent who can do so much more with their time and free hands. The BABYBJORN Babysitter Balance Air is hands-down a must-have!

Cheap Price on InGenuity Cradle and Sway Swing

InGenuity Cradle and Sway SwingAre you tired pulling your baby’s cradle by yourself? If yes, then you must buy the InGenuity Cradle and Sway Swing, Bella Vista for your baby. It will give a great comfort to your young one.

Technical Details

Item Weight is around 21.5 pounds and the Product Dimensions 31 x 38 x 41 inches. its made in china. the Batteries required are 4 D batteries. Minimum and Maximum weight recommendations are 6 pounds and 25 Pounds respectively.

Great battery life

With the amazing battery-life in this cradle, there’s really no require for you to put plug it in. All over again, absolutely awesome battery life. Electric motor that creates typically the swing move really good, extremely calm – simply a coil of cord which goes beyond a good magnet. Tunes as well as comforting tones can also be just the right volume level for the silent environment.

Most effective thing you need to understand could be that the swing has to be forced to get started this, although that is an important part of the thing that makes it all very noiseless and long wearing regarding power packs. A lot of people aim for several months just before replacing the 4 D batteries.

Noise free Technology

The motion settings have been examined, they all appear to job wonderful. The motion is rather silent. as soon as toddler is in the seating you wont be able to listen to even the smallest amount.

Additional Qualities

InGenuity Cradle and Sway SwingIt’s actual a little large however worthwhile. The baby rests within it wonderfully, and also certainly enjoys the dangly drive. She/he just simply babbles and babbles for them. This way it all reclines along with rests frontward, just hope it posed upward much more. The tray is really practical and will help the older kids to keep their snacks.

Very cheap at cost

This is definitely the most affordable piece of crappy swing you could ever own. You can compare it with other brands and will definitely find it low with regards to cost and really high with regards to functions.

Easy to carry

It’s portable body is especially designed to carry it anywhere easily even in the car or market.

Who Would Buy This

One who has a small baby and wants to keep him/her relaxed would definitely love to buy this.

Bottom Line

A very useful product at a very adorable price and a must buy for all the parents who want their child to be at ease and to be relaxed themselves.

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing and Seat Review

Fisher Price Space-Saver Swing and Seat: Amazing Fun and Functionality in One

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing and SeatAre you looking for the perfect seat for your baby that will not take up too much space at home and will also provide fun and entertainment? It’s definitely important for babies to be stimulated physically and mentally in a safe and fun way. You should also find a seat to keep your little one secure and amused as you move about with your chores. The Fisher Price Luv U Zoo space-saver swing and seat is the answer to these concerns.

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing and SeatAmazing Entertainer

As long as you place your baby within sight while you cook lunch or do the dishes, you don’t have to worry about entertaining him or her. This Fisher Price Luv U Zoo wonder will do the trick for you with its lovely, colorful toy bar swaying above and the wonderful music and sound effects it plays. These things are not just for mere fun, but also stimulate the baby’s mind. The swinging of the seat and vibration effects can also exercise baby’s tiny muscles and help promote physical development.

Two-in-One Space-Saver

Imagine having both a swing and a seat in just one compact design! You can gently swing your baby to sleep or have him or her sit in an immobile position when you lock the swing. This way, you can enjoy different benefits without buying two separate devices that will take up space at home. Because of the compact design, this swing and seat in one can also be carried around or transported without any hassle. You can easily bring it along if you’re traveling.

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing and SeatSafe and Sound Seat

Of course every parent wants to keep his or her baby safe and sound all the time. Take advantage of this swing and seat’s five-point harness for maximum safety while your baby enjoys listening to beautiful melodies and gazing up at an amusing toy. You can secure your child here should you need to attend to other tasks at home.

Who Needs It?

If you’re a concerned and loving parent who has a newborn or a baby that’s a month old up to a year old, you can make good use of this Fisher Price Luv U Zoo space-saver swing and seat. Purchasing such a useful, entertaining, and even educational tool shows how much you care for your child and want him or her to be comfortable, secure, and happy.

Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on

The Advantages

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing and SeatBaby stuff always take up a lot of room inside the house, especially as your baby is growing up. If you choose to go with this swing and seat from Fisher Price, you don’t have to avail of a separate carrier or seat. You don’t need to buy a play mat too unless you have a big budget and a spacious residence. This great device is also lightweight and portable so you can easily bring it during travel.

You can also provide your baby security too with the swing and seat’s remarkable stability and durability plus the five-point harness. It offers great fun and entertainment through music and a removable toy bar especially designed for babies. It even comes with six speeds for the swing feature.

The Disadvantage

One downside of the product is having just one toy hanging from the bar. However, this is certainly just a bonus for the main purpose of the product which is to provide a two-in-one swing and seat combination. As your baby grows bigger and older, he or she will not be able to appreciate the toy anymore and can thus play with other hand-held toys while using the swing or seat. The toy bar’s removable feature is helpful in allowing you easier access to the baby and also in setting it aside when the baby’s older.

Value for Money

Surely the price for this wonderful Fisher Price Luv U Zoo space-saver swing and seat is worth all the benefits you can get from it. You get more than what you pay for because of all the great features such as its compact design and portability, the music and toy bar, the different vibration modes, the sturdy base and secure harness, and even the machine washable and easily removable seat pad.

Where to Buy and Read More Reviews?

Show your baby great love by grabbing one of these fantastic space-saver swing and seat sets now. You can buy it from Amazon where you’ll also be able to find out more about its pros and cons and what others have to say about it.

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing and Seat

Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing Review

Best Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing Review

Fisher-Price Cradle 'N SwingDo you have a new born infant? How do you entertain your baby and make the little one feel comfortable and relaxed? Have you heard of the Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing? It offers your little one a comfortable and relaxing environment. It contains some stimulated animal sounds which will attract your little ones attention and he/she feels soothed. The portable design makes storage and travel free of trouble, fold down the sturdy swing and put it aside and it won’t take much room either your home or your car boot. Aside from it, an AC adapter is inclusive for travelling rather than batteries. This considerable design offers either parents or caregivers many more conveniences.

The swing and sound makes your little one engaged and soothed

The snug-a-bunny Cradle ‘n Swing provides a wide variety of music, sound and movement so that your baby always feels entertained, soothed or rocked to sleep. In the meantime, the cradle is designed with six motions from side-to-side or head-to-toe swing. Your baby will never feel bored with lying on the cradle.

The soft and plush fabric makes your baby feel secure and comfortable

Fisher-Price Cradle 'N SwingThe soft and specially selected fabric takes a baby’s sensitive skin into consideration. The equipped birds look attractive and cute, which attracts the little attention to be entertained. The removable velvety bunny toy always accompanies the baby. The lightweight canopy is attached the frame, which creates a peaceful environment for the little one to enjoy the surroundings.

Sturdy base and seat providing the little one with safety

The sturdy base with grips provides the baby safety and stability. The well-constructed seat with a strong steel frame support bar delivers a durable experience. The product has been certified and tested and met all safety requirements in America.

A variety of natural sounds and music

Fisher-Price Cradle 'N SwingThe stimulated natural bird sounds and music entertain your little one so as to improve the baby’s listening skills.

The foldable swing easy for storage

The swing can be folded for storage. The adapter is provided for travelling.

What Others Are Saying?

The Fisher-Price swing cradle is a mature product on the market. What attracts many parents and caregivers to buy the product? What were the public voices about the product?

  • Works Great, Nice Design and It PLUGS In
  • Fantastic swing
  • We couldn’t have lived without this
  • The Cadillac of baby equipment
  • Great for preemies and newborns, better than other FP swings!
  • If you need an extra set of hands, buy this!


Fisher-Price is a very dominant and well established brand in the North American market. It produces many baby products every year. In terms of developments, what aspects should the manufacturer take into consideration? Some users recommend if the cradle can hold more than 25 pounds, this product can be flawless and perfect.

Where Can You Buy The Swing Cradle?

Have you mucked around some shops? Have you gained some general ideas what your cradle should be? Why not try Amazon and purchase it online? The ordered cradle will be delivered to your door the next following day without any shipping charge.

Fisher-Price Cradle 'N Swing

Where Can You Read More Reviews?

If you have chosen to go to Amazon to purchase the product, you should know there is a section where the users can publish their comments. You can go the section to read the product’s pro and cons and make your final purchasing decision.

CLICK HERE To Read More Satisfied Customer Reviews

Save on Fisher- Price My Little Snugabunny Deluxe Bouncer

Best Fisher Price Deluxe My Little Snugabunny Bouncer Review

Fisher- Price My Little Snugabunny Deluxe BouncerThere are so many products for babies on the market that new moms can easily be overwhelmed as to what products they really need. Take it from a parent with experience, an infant bouncer is definitely a must-have. These infant seats offer many benefits to parents as well as babies. The Fisher Price Deluxe My Little Snugabunny Bouncer has many desirable features that make it an excellent choice for new parents.

Fisher- Price My Little Snugabunny Deluxe Bouncer

A Comfortable Seat for Baby

Not all infant bouncers are created equal. One of the features I really liked in this bouncer is the soft cushion insert that cradles babies. Infants love to be held close and cradled for a secure feeling of being close to mom. The insert featured with this bouncer is perfect for newborns with a plush head support and can be removed once baby outgrows it.

Soothing Vibrations

For fussy and colicky babies, soothing vibrations offer comfort to help calm infants and can also lull them to sleep. This is an ideal feature that comes in very useful for babies with gas or while teething. Babies like the movement and it is far more convenient than taking baby out for a ride in the car. The harness is adjustable to keep your baby safely secured while in the seat.

Fisher- Price My Little Snugabunny Deluxe BouncerCalming Lullabies and Sounds

Many babies sleep better with background noise or sound. The My Little Snugabunny bouncer offers two options from nature sounds to 8 different lullabies. It features volume control settings so you can adjust it for when your baby is awake or once they’re asleep using the buttons on the control panel. The sounds and tunes turn off automatically after about 20 minutes which helps to conserve the battery.


Fisher- Price My Little Snugabunny Deluxe Bouncer

One important feature that makes a bouncer seat convenient for moms rather than other baby gear is the portability factor. Bouncers are small and made for easy transportation from room to room. This bouncer is very lightweight making it better than some other models to pick up and take along with you around the house or for traveling. It’s really great to have a product that offers comfort and entertainment to baby that you can take on-the-go.

Who Would Buy This:

The Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer would make the perfect baby shower gift to give to an expectant mom. It is suitable for new parents with newborn babies for use until baby is old enough to sit up independently. It would also be a great item for grandparents or day care owners who frequently have young babies around.

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Fisher- Price My Little Snugabunny Deluxe BouncerThis particular bouncer has just enough features that make it a great quality product to own. It offers soothing comfort and entertainment for babies as well as convenience for parents. When baby is awake and alert the removable toy bar has plush little birdies that are engaging and stimulate baby’s sensory skills of touch and vision. Another factor that I really liked not offered by some models is that this bouncer truly bounces with baby’s movements. The convenience of the removable pad and insert make it easy for cleaning in the wash.


One factor that is not so great is that the vibrations automatically turn off along with the sounds. This is an inconvenience as many times the baby will wake up when the vibrations shut off. The plus factor about this, though is that it helps to conserve the battery. Parents shouldn’t resort to vibrations every single time baby wakes to put them back to sleep as they can easily become dependent on this and will have a hard time naturally falling asleep without it. My solution if baby wakes up once the vibrations shut off is to gently bounce it manually to help ‘rock’ baby back to sleep.

Value for your money?

You’re getting a good value with this bouncer as it provides much convenience to parents without the hassle of other baby gear products. It has just enough features for entertaining and soothing your baby without added unnecessary bells and whistles that can be over stimulating. Most parents would agree that a high quality bouncer such as this is a very wise investment.

Where to buy and read more reviews:

You can find the Fisher Price Deluxe My Little Snugabunny Bouncer at most retailers that carry baby gear including Babies R Us, Target, and Kmart. It is also available for purchase online through these retailers as well as the Fisher Price Store and Amazon has the most reviews with a 4.4 star rating if you’re looking to see what other users have said about the product based on their experience.

Fisher- Price My Little Snugabunny Deluxe Bouncer

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